Testimonials of our 2018 Spring into Action

#InMiamiSIA2018 Closing Remarks by ATIF president Andrés Messulam. “This event will serve as a model for other events.” Well done ATIF, FIU, and @ATASpanishDiv! pic.twitter.com/Pd5bhKBmCu

This was an extraordinary professional development event. Congratulations to ATIF, the SPD and FIU for an outstanding program, facilities and overall camaraderie! Thanks to Palabras Mayores and the rest of the speakers for a truly enjoyable and enlightening weekend.

Hace 10 años soy miembro de la ATA y de la División de Español. En mi opinión, esta ha sido la mejor conferencia a la que he asistido. Muchas gracias por invitarme y por el nivel ESPECTACULAR de todas las presentaciones. ¡Hurra para la División!

Magnífica organización y excelente nivel de ponentes

I really enjoyed the event. The quality of presentation was outstanding, especially those of Palabras Mayores. But all of them were excellent. The organization was very good and we had the opportunity to meet old and new friends,and socialize in the nice reception we had Friday night. 
I am very grateful to all the persons involved in the organization of this event and I hope we will have the opportunity to enjoy more events like this in the future. 
Thank you for an amazing, fruitful and interesting weekend!

Excellent conference! Well organized to detail; top-notch workshops presented by accomplished professionals; an opportunity to gain more knowledge and earn credits for recertification. Thank you ATIF and all the committees involved. ¡Éxito rotundo! #InMiamiSIA2018

Thank you for a very professional and educational conference. I’m looking forward to the next one!

You folks were great! Very well organized!

I was going to write a letter, but since you asked, here it is, All the classes I took was great the presenters were great the materials, very well chosen and put together in others words they know what they are doing. Congratulations to the organizers for a “JOB WELL DONE “you all deserve an A+. Thanks for inviting me to your program.

Top-notch presenters and content. Experienced group of attendees added value.

Very informative, well organized…over all great experience.
Thank you for all of your efforts.

I really enjoyed this event. Topics were interesting and useful. Impeccable organization in spite of the bridge incident at campus. Thank you!

Amazing, enriching, enlightening, simply GREAT!!!

The conference really exceeded my expectations. I was very much impressed by the organization of the sessions and the quality of the presenters. I hope we can have more high-class meetings such as this one in the future. I enjoyed the opportunity to greet old and not-so-old colleagues and meet many new ones. Thanks ATA-SPD & ATIF!!!

The best regional conference I have attended in my 19+ years in the T&I world.

Thank you very much to the ATIF and to FIU for putting this Conference together! It exceeded my expectations. The Conference provided me with the opportunity of meeting and networking with peers from all over the world, but especially from my home country. My networking experience was much better than at the ATA Conferences, where given the number of attendees and intensive schedule, I never get a chance to meet and interact with people as much as I would like to. I especially appreciated the long lunch breaks.

It was a great conference and I truly enjoyed it; I hope there will be more to come.

It was great to have new talented presenters and attendees not only from outside of the state of Florida but also from overseas. Very often choosing one presentation meant missing another one just as interesting. Kudos to the organizers of the conference. Your hard work paid off.

Organizing a three-day international conference is a huge undertaking, so congratulations!

I am very grateful for all your hard work to create such a wonderful event. Regarding academic level, it is probably the best conference I have attended in the 7 years I have lived in the US.

Amazing event, high level presentations, it exceeded my expectations.

Congratulations! The most successful event I have attended to with the Spanish Division.

Spectacular. Quality content. Awesome experience. Thank you for your contribution and your incredible job. It must happen again. ¡Gracias!

It was one of the best events I have ever attended: the size was just right, and the quality of the presentations was top-notch. Veteran translators and interpreters like me need stretch opportunities like Spring into Action was. I hope there are more to come. Excellent job, everybody! Thank you!

Brilliant, marvelous, remarkable, sensational, superb!!

Fue un congreso estupendo, con los traductores más capaces, trabajadores y talentosos del planeta.TE