Moisés Hernández-Amateau

Moisés S. Hernández Amateau is a Spanish language court interpreter who works for the Florida Court System since 2018. Before his Florida Court Certification, Moisés was a freelance translator and interpreter in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands following his 1998 U.S. Federal Court Certification. He obtained a Juris Doctor degree in law in 2008 and a Ph.D. degree in English Linguistics in Anglo-Caribbean Creole languages in 2020. Prior to his career in Translation and Interpretation, he worked in the advertising and public relations fields for companies such as the Puerto Rico / USTA Tennis Association, Wunderman Worldwide with Young & Rubicam, The Puerto Rico Economic Development Administration, and Goya Foods de Puerto Rico. He began his career as a Caribbean Desk Editor for United Press International, for Caribbean Business, and as an Associated Press Writer.