ATIF continues to promote the professional advancement and the interests of translators and interpreters in our state and beyond in 2024 with “Featuring the languages of Florida” as an guiding theme. We will offer presentations, lectures and workshops focusing on advocacy, professional ethics and practices, technology, new competencies, translator training, history of translation, ASL, and business.

ATIF is pleased to request your participation in our SIA24 in Miami. Our lectures and educational activities have steadily gained in number and quality over the years and we are now calling for papers/presentations for SIA24 in Miami.

This is a Call for presentations on the following topics:

    • Technology its impact in translation and interpreting

    • Advocacy

    • Translator/interpreter training

    • Editing and quality control

    • Languages of lesser diffusion

    • History of translation or interpreting

    • Professional ethics and practices

    • American Sign Language

    • Business

General objectives

    • To learn and exercise multiple thinking strategies that can help professionals examine real-world issues in light of translating and interpreting practices and topics, and to explore new avenues of expression, problem solving, and decision-making.

    • Identify principles of ethical engagement, conduct, respect and professionalism for the advancement of translation and interpreting.

    • Recognize and evaluate innovative technologies that contribute and impact our processes and results in translation and interpreting, in terms of quality, production, and professional recognition.

    • Assess interpreting/translation practices as related to specific languages, and professional and academic settings and contexts.

    • Identify and review growing trends, terms, expressions in translation and interpreting that impact our work.

Presentations should be original, unpublished work, which can be delivered in one to two hours. Workshops can be up to four hours. Presentations are on a voluntary basis.

With your presentation proposal, kindly provide:

    • A 200-300 word abstract in English, MS Word, Times New Roman, 

    • A brief bio, 90 words or less.

    • Include 4-5 topic keywords at the end of the text.

You will receive acknowledgment upon receipt with further instructions about the next steps in the review process of presentation proposals. 

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, September 30, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.
Contact:                 [email protected]
Subject line:          SIA24 proposals

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