Desktop subtitling tools have been with us for quite a while now but, what about the cloud? In this presentation, we will look at the different options available on the Internet for cloud subtitling. We will analyze some of the main cloud-based subtitling platforms and related tools in order to answer the following questions: How well do the current online tools cater to the real needs and requirements of professional subtitling? Is it actually possible to complete the subtitling process end to end entirely online and with professional results? What aspects and functionalities are important in choosing the right subtitling software?

• The professional subtitling process and common workflows
• What do I expect, as an advanced subtitler, from a subtitling tool?
• Main online subtitling tools and platforms
• Preparing the materials
• Creating, translating or reviewing subtitles
• Encoding or publishing subtitled video
• Pros and cons of cloud subtitling