The Translator’s Journey to Success!

What are common challenges? How can you not only overcome these challenges, but grow from them? What tools are vital for success? What are the pitfalls to avoid? And, most importantly, what do present and future success look like for translators? Inspired by the five stages of success, we will outline the evolution of an aspiring translator from total blissful ignorance, through the stages of informed pessimism, facing crossroads, reaching the breaking point and finally achieving an informed optimism that paves the way to becoming a successful linguist. The content is based on personal interviews with over 80 linguists and interpreters on the podcast “En Pantuflas.” The podcast, a passion project currently in its second season, was developed to bring value and awareness to the translation and interpretation professions. Guests on the show are successful professionals in the industry from different parts of the world who work in various capacities and have particular skillsets and specializations. With the use of humor, and the fresh and relaxed format of the podcast, this interactive discussion will encourage the audience to reflect upon their own journey to success and will explore strategies to develop a prosperous and lasting career.
DATE: 20/03/2020 9:00 am
LENGTH: 60 min.

Paola Medrano/Mariana Ilari