Master the art of sight translation

Sight Translation presents specific challenges to the court interpreter. Documents presented in court, at depositions and on interpreting exams can range from the highly formal legalese and formulaic language encountered in contracts, judge’s rulings, divorce decrees, etc. to more informal and even substandard registers found in handwritten letters and other documents. In this practical and highly interactive 3-hour workshop, the presenter will share translation concepts and strategies that will help interpreters improve the quality and ease of their Spanish-to-English renditions. The goal is to help participants overcome several of the most common challenges faced when interpreting in the legal setting. Topics Include: • Proper sight translation technique: accuracy, pacing, appropriate tone • Important syntactical and lexical challenges and solutions • Formulaic language encountered in civil and criminal documents • Intense practice with court documents adapted from real cases **All materials used in this workshop have been specifically designed to target problematic situations frequently encountered in the interpretive process.
DATE: 21/03/2020 1:45 pm
LENGTH: 180 min.

Karen Borgenheimer