Let’s play fast with words

Workshop/Session on WORDFAST PRO 5 This workshop is devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Pro 5. Practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories as well as other important resources. This course is for translators who are new to CAT tools or Wordfast or who have been using Wordfast Pro without any formal training. CONTENT • What are CAT tools and why use them? • Segmentation, translation memories, terminology • Downloading and installing Wordfast Pro 5 • Troubleshooting, tech support & user forums • Translation and workflow assignments • Project creation and management • Translation memories • Glossaries • Tags and formatting • Predictive typing: AutoSuggest • Concordance searches and TM Lookup • Live Preview • Analysis and reporting • Quality Assurance: Transcheck • TXLF Editor Filters • TM and glossary editing • Finishing a project • Preferences and customization
DATE: 22/03/2020 9:00 am
LENGTH: 180 min.

Karina D’Emilio