How to interpret a political debate for the media

In modern democracies, voters must exercise their vote in an informed manner. Technology has made it possible for candidates’ proposals to reach citizens so that they can choose those who best represent their values and ideas. In this election cycle, television takes this information to the voter’s home, but unfortunately, not all citizens understand the language of the candidates. These minorities, particularly the Spanish-speaking population of the United States, gain access to these debates thanks to interpretation services. This workshop will show how a professional interpreter should prepare for such a debate; how to interpret during the event; what the process is like, from the preparation for the discussion – research, acquisition of study materials, security and impartiality requirements- to interpretation in electronic media, including work in a study with a production team, and how to present a interpretation that the citizen can understand.
DATE: 21/03/2020 10:45 am
LENGTH: 90 min.

Tony Rosado