Fresh news about environmental translation

The objective of this lecture is to present an update on the environmental subject matter. PowerPoint slides will be presented in English and read in Spanish to compare terminology. Resources will be provided so that the translator can search for information on official sites to help with the task of translating. Environmental translation is a type of specialized translation. The different documents that are translated, the way they are written and their production have their own peculiarities and specific stylistic and technical requirements. As for references and terminology, the documents we translate often contain texts based on material that has been previously translated, or they include references to published materials. These textual references help us speed up the process and ensure a correct translation. The more we specialize, the more knowledge we will have on the topics we translate, and the more terminology we will incorporate into our glossary. María José Recoder and Pilar Cid, from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, state that in specialized translation the various disciplines are characterized by having specific terminology and phraseology, so it is necessary for the translator to know / have notions of the subject matter translated.” Today the translator has very good sources of specialized, terminological, lexicographic, grammatical, discursive, and technological information to use while translating. However, these sources must be very up to date with current environmental affairs: treaties, conventions, international principles and the global landscape in general. Today there are many resources and interesting sites to consult on this subject. Conclusion: The specialized translator, in addition to knowing the subject matter he translates, must have extensive linguistic and translation knowledge to address and optimize his translations, and fundamentally, he must be a great researcher. However, the amount of current information is so vast that the translator must use all the technology at his disposal to achieve his task.
DATE: 20/03/2020 3:30 pm

Diana Rivas