An Introduction to Sim-Consec™: A Hybrid Mode Sim-Consec™ (Simultaneous-Consecutive)

is an exciting combination of two interpreting modes plus portable technology. It is quickly becoming the technique of choice for many settings, such as conference, quasi-legal and community interpreting. This workshop will show you how you can implement this new mode in your day-to-day work and explore some of the technologies which can be used to enhance your practice. This workshop will include some theory at the beginning. Afterwards, participants will have a chance to try their hand at using a note-taking app as well as the digital pen technology. They will work in small groups, doing a simultaneous interpretation immediately after recording the original while still having their consecutive notes as a backup. Please bring a recording device and a set of ear buds to this session. A smartphone or digital recorder will work well for this purpose. If you have a tablet, please bring it to class as well. Some digital pens will be made available for practice.

• Discuss the use of “digital note-taking” in today’s interpreting environments
• Introduce some of the most common tools and applications for this hybrid mode
• Guide participants in a couple of simultaneous-consecutive exercises