There are those rare occasions where all the stars align and an unexpected event occurs. Spring into Action 2018 was such an event. It turned out to be a great success! 


Spring into Action 2020 (SIA2020) will again be a reality on March 20-22, 2020 and will follow the same philosophy:

– To partner with institutions that will significantly add value to the conference – in our case the Spanish Language Division (SPLD) of the ATA and the Miami Dade College Eduardo J. Padron Campus (MDEPC).

– To create a quality event, not just another convention. To bring in world-class presenters that normally would not be within the reach of the average T&I professional. To select presentations that are advanced – cutting edge – yet retaining a course offering for the newer members of our profession.

– To keep the price affordable. Not to charge hefty fees and burden our attendees even more, knowing that many will be spending on travel and lodging.

– To keep the convention small. Big is not better, it’s just bigger. This convention is for the few not for the many. In a smaller convention the attendees have more time to network and to learn. The venue is smaller and the environment more intimate.

– To have the presentations in an academic environment – as it should be. After all this is an academic event. 

– To hold this convention in Miami, Florida, due to its unbeatable geographic location – both for national and international travelers. 

– To make our attendees feel comfortable and content.