There is a general understanding among practitioners that preparation is related to higher quality and job satisfaction. The amount of conference material and time available is a key factor affecting the preparation process. No matter the type of setting, preparing for some assignments could be described as a paradox. Interpreters might be given all the material needed for thorough preparation, though they might receive it very close to the time of the conference. In other cases interpreters are given sufficient time to prepare but receive very few details on their assignment.
The primary objective of this workshop is to provide interpreters with a preparation method based Dell Hyme┬┤s SPEAKING approach (setting, participants, ends, act sequence, key, instrumentalities, norms of interaction, genre) and tools allowing them to most effectively use their time and the material available when preparing for an assignment, especially when time is a limited resource.
The secondary objective is implement the method by means of three practical scenarios.
The tertiary objective is to use the method to target contextual and terminological searches to produce a relevant glossary.