Analía Bogdan is a sworn English<>Spanish translator and holder of a Master´s degree in Translation and Interpreting. Analía worked in the financial industry for ten years before becoming a professional translator. She has a postgraduate course in Capital Markets Financing Structures and is a certified Mutual Funds advisor in Argentina. Analía was the Coordinator of the Finance Division of the Buenos Aires Translator´s Association for 5 years, and a member of the Association’s Technology Division for 8 years. She has written many articles for professional publications, such as the ATA Spanish Division’s “Intercambios” and the ATA Legal Division Blog. She is a co-author of the Manual de informática aplicada a la traducción (Manual of Technology Applied to Translation) a unique work published in Latin-America. She has given several courses and talks related to finance and technology for translators and was a speaker at the ATA Conference in 2019.