Bio: Dolores R. Guiñazu is a Certified Sworn (Court-Approved) English to Spanish Translator. She began her career as an in-house translator for many multinational corporations based in Argentina. Nowadays, she is fully devoted to corporate and legal translation projects, working in teams and with colleagues for global companies all around the world and direct local clients, law firms and banks. Dolores holds an MBA in Marketing Management from USAL & Albany University in New York. She is also a Spanish Copy Editor and Proofreader certified by Fundación Litterae and Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu).

Bio: Gabriela Escarrá is a certified translator, editor, transcreator and copywriter specializing in Marketing and Corporate Communications. She holds two university degrees as a Sworn Translator and a Teacher of English Language and Literature. With over 20 years of experience as a professional translator, she has worked on several projects for the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD), and directly with clients, including private corporations, government agencies, and professional associations. She has also been a University Professor of Technical Translations at the School of Economics, UCLP.

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