The mindset of high-achieving translators

What do all high-achieving translators and interpreters have in common? It’s not only education, resources, or experience— it’s that they also have the mindset of a high achiever. Every decision we make has an effect. We can make conscious choices to adopt and practice the discipline of high achievers. We can cultivate the essential attitudes and behaviors that will take us where we want to go—and beyond! In this session, attendees will learn from practical real-life examples and unique attitudes that can help them develop a high level of productivity and a mindset that will set them apart from others. The speakers will help participants discover their own strengths and develop a marketing strategy with actionable items. The aim is to share tips and tricks to climb up the ladder and become non-generic, unique, remarkable professionals with the freedom to choose their work and have fun.
DATE: 20/03/2020 9:00 am
LENGTH: 90 min.

Gabriela Escarrá /Dolores Guiñazú