Study of translation decisions in data collection tools.

The migratory currents of this century pose a great challenge for scientific communities in their attempt to gather the most reliable information possible in these new multicultural societies. The complexity of this new demographic distribution, as a result of migratory flows in the United States, and in particular in North Carolina, makes it necessary to review the translation process of data collection tools not only from a linguistic perspective but also from a psychosocial perspective. Therefore, this lecture will analyze the target population of data collection tools currently used in North Carolina after attempting to determine the role that the translator’s decisions play in the quality of the information collected. This analysis will be based on “Directrices para la traducción y adaptación de los tests: segunda edición” (Muñiz et al., 2013), particularly the guidelines aimed at detecting construct biases.
DATE: 21/03/2020 3:30 pm
LENGTH: 90 min.

Yanina Criolani