MEDICAL TRANSLATION: things that automatic translators don’t know (yet)

Are you still holding your hands to your head because machine translation is going to take your job? Give up: machine translation is here and is here to stay. It is better to greet her for what she is: a new tool that can help us improve the quality of our translations and, above all, improve the effectiveness of our intervention between the source language and the target language. In this lecture Pablo Mugüerza will talk about the application of automatic translation to medical translation and, above all, about what automatic translators do not yet know or seem not to know. The speaker’s personal repertoire of great mistakes made by machines will both reassure you that the human being is still irreplaceable and also help you to better use this 21st century tool.
DATE: 22/03/2020 1:45 pm
LENGTH: 90 min.

Pablo Mugüerza