Long Consecutive Interpretation for Spanish Court and Healthcare Interpreters Workshop.

Many interpreters shy away from consecutive interpreting assignments because they don’t trust their rendition. They feel their consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills are not at the same level. Consecutive interpreting was universally used, but new technology replaced it with simultaneous. Interpreters used consecutive less frequently. Today, it is needed for diplomacy, business negotiations, medical examinations, and witness testimony. This workshop will deal with our fears and insecurities, giving us tools to improve through practice and the right attitude. Myths about memory and note taking will be dissipated. With the understanding that the right length of a long consecutive rendition will be different for court, diplomacy, or hospitals, we will practice memory, storytelling, note-taking, and a long consecutive rendition that fits your style and professional needs.
DATE: 22/03/2020 10:45 am
LENGTH: 90 min.

Tony Rosado