Healthcare Interpreter’s Career Path and National Healthcare Interpreters Certification

The U.S. healthcare interpreting field has had national interpreter certification available for ten years. The certification has created opportunities for metrics-based advancement in the interpreter’s professional career. Our profession has established a career path with opportunities for the interpreter’s upward and lateral progress. The presenter, CCHI’s Vice Chair, will address aspects of professional growth and challenges that certification presents to interpreters and their employers while also elucidating its benefits. Certification’s national trends, impact and future implications for all healthcare industry stakeholders will be discussed. The presenter will also explain the logistics of the CoreCHI™ knowledge and CHI™ performance exams as well as the English-to-English Interpreter Skills exam that is currently being piloted by Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic interpreters. Learning Objectives: 1) Define the “steps” in the healthcare interpreter’s career ladder 2) Identify challenges to the interpreter’s upward and lateral progress in their career 3) Identify strategies to ensure the interpreter’s professional growth 4) Inform attendees about the national certification program by CCHI
DATE: 22/03/2020 3:30 pm
LENGTH: 90 min.

Mateo Rutherford