Cooking and the Courts– Cooking Mischief

Violence in the Home – The utensils of the lethal kitchen with a special section on Latin dishes A high percentage of violence occurs in the home between intimates, or between relatives. The kitchen, the garage and tool rack, the gardening shed, and sports equipment provide most of the tools of violence. This presentation shall cover the following topics: various types of kitchen knives and other cutting kitchen implements (graters, corers, poultry shears, etc.); flatware (forks and spoons and their constituent parts); other utensils (mortar and pestle, nutcracker, funnel, potato masher, skimmer, meat grinder, corkscrew, slotted spoon, kettle, etc.); pots and pans; sundry (platter, bowl, whisk, peppermill, rolling pin, etc.). Dialectal culinary pitfalls, such as aceite, panocha, papaya, pupusa, etc. shall be discussed. In the courts, in particular, Latin eating establishments have sometimes been known as the locations of certain crimes (such as assault, battery, attempted rape, and even homicide), and the food served and ingested has constituted a method of verifying the accuracy of testimony. Consequently, this presentation shall include a section on Latin dishes from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Spain. A fun self-correcting test is also included.
DATE: 22/03/2020 1:45 pm
LENGTH: 90 min.
Alexander Rainof