[20min.] Introduction – Interesting historical facts about simultaneous:
First time on record that Simultaneous Interpretation was used (André Kaminker, the man).
First time Simultaneous was used in a court proceeding (the Nuremberg Trial and the intricacies surrounding it).
The Court Interpreters’ Act of 1978: Why was it enacted (Rogelio Negron)?
Court Interpreting Events by Languages in Federal Courts: http://www.uscourts.gov/statistics-reports/court-operations-and-case-management-annual-report-2016

[15 min.] Simultaneous Mode – Checklist of techniques Needed Prior to Start : The Instructor will distribute a check list to the participants to help them with the points that they need to know prior to start interpreting simultaneously – Presentation of the equipment as an essential tool.
[30 min.] Decalage and shadowing – Theory, Practice and Equipment. This segment will cover the mindset (shadowing) to increase “the decalage,” it’s purpose and the techniques to master it. The Instructor will demonstrate the shadowing and decalage .
Break –
[25 min.] Voir Dire – Exercise & Comments (125 wpm). This is an important segment in the FL Justice System. The Instructor will concentrate on the importance and intricacies of the Voir Dire and the crucial role of the interpreter. Instructor will present a Voir Dire exercise to the group and will comment it.
[30min.] Opening Statement Exercise Live – Exercise & Comments. Instructor will have the participants shadowing an opening statement, apply the decalage, then interpret simultaneously in the target language.
[30 min.] Witness Testimony – Exercise & Comments. Instructor will select, on a rotating basis, some participants to participate in a role-play based on a script that will be read by the players. Instructor will comment along the process – 30 mns.
Break –
[30 min.] Closing Statements – Exercise & Comments. This exercise will cover simultaneous interpretation by using an audio excerpt to be interpreted in front of the class. The Instructor and participants will comment at the end of the process.
[25 min.] Jury Charge – Exercise and Comments. In this segment, the Instructor will explain the obstacles that interpreters usually face and how to overcome them (Some knowledge of the law is a plus). A jury charge will be read or played via audio for demonstration and practice purposes.
[15 min.] Comments, Q&A, material, reference, closing. In this segment, the Instructor shall recapitulate on what was covered, will answer questions, will present material that can be used to practice simultaneous interpretation and will have a surprise for the audience (drawing of a prize).


Workshop will include:
A Power Point Presentation (1)
Handouts (Voir Dire, Opening Statement, Witness Testimony, Closing Statement and Jury Charge)
Acebo CDs for the Opening and Closing Statements
Equipment for Demonstration Purposes (Transmitter and Receiver)

Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending this seminar the participating interpreters will be better able to:

Apply with confidence the techniques learned to interpret simultaneously.
Develop the necessary tools to overcome difficult situations during a simultaneous interpretation.
Assess and appraise the register and accuracy of the words or expressions that need to be interpreted.
Produce a better rendition of the interpretation.