Introduction and informal survey of cultures represented in group

Culture as Collective Programming
Stereotypes versus practices rooted in a nation’s history
Globalization and homogenization of culture
Cultural context and self-awareness

Bridging the Cultural Gap
Relevance of non-verbal communication
World cultures and communication
Cross-cultural skills
Leadership in a multicultural context

Cultural Theory and Application
Theories of cultural dimensions with a focus on Hispanophone regions
Case studies of culture in business, translation, and interpreting

Cultural Concepts in Translation and Interpreting
Cultural context challenges between the source and target languages
Interpreters as cultural informers, clarifiers, and mediators
Strategies for achieving cultural equivalence in translation

Culture in Current Events
President Trump vs. President Obama’s trips to Japan
[2-3 other recent current events with a cultural implication]

Key takeaways for interpreters and translators
Speaker-moderated discussion session