The books that are listed can be purchased directly from the authors.


The New Professional Court Interpreter: $20.00

In English. A helpful tool to court and legal interpreters who want to learn about the legal system and court interpreting in the United States.

Manual del Intérprete Judicial en México: $20.00
En español. Ideal para quienes deseen conocer el sistema jurídico mexicano y la participación de los intérpretes. También cubre la interpretación en lengua de señas mexicana.    

Tony Rosado. Preorder at:


I will take with me 4 or 5 copies of my «Manual de traducción inglés-español de protocolos de ensayos clínicos», 2nd edition, published in June 2019. I will not sell them: my plan is to make a raffle among attendees to my presentations and give them for free, unless the organization instructs me otherwise.

Pablo Mugüerza.


Penal and Civil Terminology, English/Spanish.  Including Corporate,    Workers’ Compensation, Family Law, Probate      Terminology,           and     Three Special Sections: Common Legal Connectives, Judicial     Expressions, and Objections.  92 pages.          $35.00

Fingerprints Terminology English/Spanish. With definitions and Illustrations.  61 pages.    $20.00

Firearms and Ballistics Terminology English/Spanish/English. With Definitions and Illustrations.  72 pages.    $25.00

Weapons Others than Firearms and Tools Used as Weapons. English/Spanish/English. With Special Sections 55 pages.   $25.00

Medical and Drug Terminology   English/Spanish/English. Including Symptoms of Being Under the Influence Terminology and AIDS Terminology, with Measures and Quantities Often Used in Narcotic Transactions and a Selected and Annotated Bibliography. 147 pages.    $40.00

Financial, Real Estate and Automotive Terminology, English/SpanishIncluding Construction Terminology and DUI Terminology. 93 pages.   $35.00

Glossary of Insults and Invective English/Spanish/English

Includes terminology used in the main Spanish speaking countries (Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, etc.)  89 pages.  $35.00

Articles of Clothing and Adornment Terminology Including Accessories, Textiles, Jewelry, Cosmetics and Colors

English/Spanish/English.  Includes terminology used in the main Spanish speaking counties (Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, etc.)  121 pages.    $35.00

The Jury Process in the United States and Mexico.  English-Spanish Reference and Simultaneous Interpretation Training Manual.  Comes with three tapes for training in vocabulary memorization, décalage with words      and phrases, and general jury instructions in English and Spanish.  Includes also a section on jury related terminology and on lexical research.  106 pages.    $60.00

Consecutive Forensic Interpretation, Methodology and Exercises.   Includes techniques and exercises for improving memorization and concentration, handling of non-contextual material, structuring and patterning, as well as a section on the Rozan Method with exercises.  Training geared for consecutive interpretation in general, and more specifically             for the California Court Interpreter State Examination and for the Federal Court Interpreter Examination.  Sentences of various lengths and degrees of difficulty in English and Spanish for training with the Rozan Method and for the State and Federal Court Examinations are also provided. 107 pages.    $40.00

GRE Level English and Spanish Terms and False Cognates for the State and Federal Written Examinations with an Annotated Bibliography.  The English section, consisting of 33 pages, gives general GRE level vocabulary with synonyms. The Spanish section, consisting of 32 pages, gives general GRE level vocabulary with synonyms and English equivalents. The two false cognates sections list false cognates, first from English into Spanish, then from Spanish into English, with legal terminology false cognates printed in bold letters. The 27 pages annotated bibliography lists general and specializes dictionaries, grammars, thesauri, theoretical and methodological works relating to the praxis and pedagogy of translation and interpretation.   123 pages. $40.00

Translation English into Spanish, Methodology and Exercises. 

  220 pages.

Includes a variety of legal, financial, procedural and general texts with their Spanish translations, as well as texts to be translated.  The methodology, together with the primary and secondary reference sources used in the translation (grammars, thesauri, dictionaries, legal codes, UN reports, etc.), are carefully outlined to guide the reader.  Includes a comprehensive translation and interpretation annotated bibliography.   $60.00

Alexander Rainof:


Mejora Continua: de la calidad en la traducción (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback – September 2, 2019

Mental Health Interpreting: Unique Challenges and Practical Solutions.

The price at the event will be $20.