This workshop will teach strategies for improving performance in the ATA Certification exam.

Why should you become an ATA-Certified Translator?

  • You will earn a distinction that can open doors to new business and higher compensation.
  • You will hold credentials that reflect a strong commitment to your profession and its ethical practice.
  • Potential clients will recognize you as one with enhanced individual performance and professional-level translation skills.

Workshop Description

Participants in this workshop will complete and return a test translation in advance, which will be reviewed by the presenters, both of them English to Spanish Certification graders. The workshop itself will include a discussion of ATA grading practices and standards as well as a thorough analysis of errors encountered in the participants’ test translations: why individual choices were marked wrong, what options would be better in the given context, and how graders assess error points based on severity. Strategies for improving one’s prospects in the exam will be discussed, and the presenters will discuss the resources that they consult to help them make decisions. Ample time will be provided for questions and answers. Marked test translations will be returned at the end of the workshop.

Special Instructions

  1. Participants must sign up ahead of time as space is limited. You will be asked to translate a 275-word passage and your hits and misses will be used anonymously to create the slides that will drive the workshop. Request your passage by writing We will send out as many passages as are requested, but only the first 20 translations received will be reviewed and used during the workshop. The first 20 people to send in their translations will be allowed to attend the workshop. This is truly a first come, first served event.
  2. If you plan to take the exam on March 18th, you must register separately for the exam sitting. Registration instructions, including the very strict deadlines are found at Click on the Certification tab and then click on FAQs. Read everything in this tab, and pay particular heed to the “Registration” section. Please remember: signing up for SIA2018 or for our workshop does not automatically register you for the exam sitting!
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